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Group Dion
Group Dion
Group Dion
Group Dion


MatrixAir Solar Air Heating

This LEED® NC commercial office building was constructed in 2010 and features a striking, contrasting 938 ft2 dark grey perforated MatrixAir™ cladding against beige masonry and silver architectural panels preheating 5000 CFM of ventilation air for the 30,000 ft2 structure.

Project : Group Dion Installed: 2010
MatrixAir TR (Transpired) solar collector area (total) : 938 ft2
Air volume supplied : 5000 CFM
Energy Savings : 247 GJ
Avoided CO2 emissions : 12 tonnes anually
Architect : Campanella & Associés


MatrixAir™ solar air heating highly efficient and very cost effective means of providing solar air heating and ventilation on new or existing commercial, industrial or institutional buildings operating in cold climates

MatrixAir™ Solar Air Heating Systems - transpired solar heating collector, backpass solar air heating, roof mounted solar air heating system - patent pending.

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