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Granby Hospital
Granby Hospital
Granby Hospital
Granby Hospital


MatrixAir Solar Air Heating

A unique, aesthetically curved 82 m2 solar collector was integrated into the building to provide 4800 CFM to the cafeteria in this renovated hospital in Granby, Quebec, Canada. The undulant black perforated absorber finish was specifically chosen to provide a stark contrast to the building’s façade to highlight this energy saving building feature to the local community. Energy savings of 149.1 GJ and avoided CO2 emissions of 19.4 tonnes annually are expected.

Project : Granby Hospital Installed: 2010
MatrixAir TR (Transpired) solar collector area (total): 885 ft2
Air volume supplied : 4800 CFM
Energy Savings : 149.1 GJ
Avoided CO2 emissions : 19.41 tonnes anually
Architect : Favreau & Blais
Engineering : Teknika HBAs


MatrixAir™ solar air heating highly efficient and very cost effective means of providing solar air heating and ventilation on new or existing commercial, industrial or institutional buildings operating in cold climates

MatrixAir™ Solar Air Heating Systems - transpired solar heating collector, backpass solar air heating, roof mounted solar air heating system - patent pending.

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