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Projects-Canadian Forces Base Petawawa Light Armoured Vehicles III

Canadian Forces Base Petawawa
Canadian Forces Base Petawawa, Ontario
Canadian Forces Base Petawawa, Ontario
Canadian Forces Base Petawawa, Ontario
Canadian Forces Base Petawawa, Ontario
Canadian Forces Base Petawawa LAVIII


MatrixAir Solar Air Heating

Twin Light Armoured Vehicle (LAV) facilities have been constructed at Canadian Forces Bases in Ontario and Quebec, Canada. Each features a 7500 ft2 MatrixAir™ transpired collector providing up to 50000 CFM of fresh air to the buildings. The facilities house LAV IIIs in a temperature and humidity controlled area where mechanics will be able to perform maintenance within the facility, as well as “kitting” of the vehicles for deployment preparation.

Project : Canadian Forces Base Petawawa LAVIII Installed: 2012
MatrixAir TR (transpired) solar collector area (total) : 7,500 ft 2
Preheated fresh air delivered : 50,000 CFM of fresh air
Operation : 7 days/wk, 24 hours per day
Energy Savings : Approximately 1,825 GJ (505 MWh), or up to $50,000 annually in natural gas heating costs
Annual net GHG Reduction: 133 t CO2
Architect : Fowler, Bauld & Mitchell Architecture, Halifax, NS
Engineer: SNC Lavalin, Halifax, NS
General Contractor: Frecon Construction
MatrixAir systems are providing solar heated fresh air to Canadian military bases in Alberta, Ontario and Quebec resulting in more than 6975 GJ in annual energy savings.


MatrixAir™ solar air heating highly efficient and very cost effective means of providing solar air heating and ventilation on new or existing commercial, industrial or institutional buildings operating in cold climates

MatrixAir™ Solar Air Heating Systems - transpired solar heating collector, backpass solar air heating, roof mounted solar air heating system - patent pending.

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