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MatrixAir™ Solar Air Heating Systems


Matrix Energy Inc. has been providing solar air heating solutions since 1990.

To date we have supplied over 500,000 square feet of collector area for solar air heating projects in Canada, the United States and Europe supplying near 3,000,000 CFM of pre-heated ventilation air.

We produce architectural, solar air heating systems under the MatrixAir name including façade-mounted absorber systems using transpired or backpass solar air heating technology to achieve practical low cost solar air heating solutions for industrial, institutional, commercial or agricultural applications.

Our roof mounted solar air heating system MatrixAir Delta module operates at up to 89% efficiency to deliver volumes of preheated air to roof top HVAC units, an ideal solution where façade mounted solar air heating systems are impractical due to architecture or physical obstructions, existing HVAC configurations or building code requirements.

MatrixAir™ solar air heating and renewable power systems are applicable to all levels of LEED« certification providing up to 10 LEED« points within the Energy and Atmosphere (EA), Materials and Resources (MR) and Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) areas.

MatrixAir™ solar air heating systems are characterized by their aesthetics, ease of architectural integration, and excellent return on investment as a result of their high performance and low cost.

CSA MatrixAir solar air heating system
Certifie SRCC 0G-100
Certifie SRCC 0G-100


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